Friday, August 31, 2012

Wings to Fly and Blessings in Disguise

It’s been a long hard journey.  It took every bit of strength you had to climb to the top. Now you stand on the mountain peak. It’s beautiful here and the view is amazing.

You think back over the trouble and pain it took to reach this point and are grateful to have finally arrived here. But now what? You suddenly have an epiphany that this place is not  your truest heart's desire. This mountain top, as beautiful and rewarding as it is, it is not the goal. It is but a stepping off place to where you truly long to be.
Many steps to come this far and it has not been easy. But this next step is the most difficult of all - to step forward  off the mountain top, knowing there is nothing to step upon, except for trust.

This climbing upward, this reaching for higher ground was more than a struggle; it was a blessing in disguise. As you climbed, the air grew thinner, the pathway steeper, the hand and footholds less sure. And so it was necessary for you to shed all extra weight. Every burden that was on your back, your worries, your bitterness, your past, your fears; one by one you left them behind. As each familiar but unwelcome burden was shed, you gained more of the unfamiliar but welcome fortitude and focus to climb.

And now at last you stop, you breathe deeply, you see things from a grand new perspective; and you realize that your back upon which your heavy loads have been; your back is free! Free for Him to place your wings.

Here on this mountain top He will give you your wings to fly.

This next step, this trust-step, you will not fall into nothingness. You will not fall! You will fly!

His Love compels Him to rid us of our heavy weights.
His Heart is to teach us how to trust.
His Wisdom is to grant us whatever it takes for us to realize the best of this life.
His Compassion is to be there each step of the difficult journey.
His joy is to give us wings to fly!
Are you in the valley? Look up!
Are you climbing a mountain? Don't give up!
Are you at the top? Learn from what you see!
Are your wings in place? Trust ,and leap!
~ Connie
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