The Voice of Love

Connie Ruth Christiansen, the Author of
"Take The Thank You Challenge",
invites you to take another challenge:
Hear the Voice of Love, change your world
The Voice of Love
by Connie Ruth Christiansen
"The Voice of Love can be experienced in the wind, in the glory of a sunset, the innocence of a child, the wisdom of old age, the eyes of a loved one, the wag of a dog’s tail, the formation of a leaf, a tree, the beauty of a flower. He communicates with us through the written word and through teachers, preachers, prophets, friends and strangers. His Voice is heard in dreams, in visions, in the heart, and on occasion by the natural human ear. We do not have to be special, perfect, right or good to take part in this communication with the Ever Present. Even where evil abounds, He is there." ~ Connie Ruth Christiansen, The Voice of Love 
                          Skeptical?               Curious?                     Long time listener?                              This Amazing Little Book has something for everyone!
The Voice of Love is filled with true stories, clear concise instructions, creative insight, scriptural reference, and thought provoking ideas. You will be delighted by the stories, moved to tears and laughter by how the Voice transforms every day happenings into miraculous moments.
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Listen for the Voice of Love, and be prepared for your mundane to become miracle!

Turn your ear towards me and listen.”
Paraphrased Isaiah 55:3
The Voice is ever speaking; calling out for us to communicate intimately with Him, for our personal benefit and for us to be His hands and feet on this planet; His conduits of Love.


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