Sample Pages: Take The Thank You Challenge!

Take The Thank You Challenge!
Sample Pages

Thank You 1095-Take The Thank You Challenge! is a masterfully scripted daily inspirational that will make you smile, make you think, motivate you to live a thankful life.

It' Easy!
It's Fun!
It's Life Changing!
As Easy as 1, 2, 3

1)Read one page each day for a year
2) Record three things you are thankful for in the space provided on each page
3) After 365 days, look back on 1,095 reasons to be grateful

A few random sample pages are pasted below.
You can learn more about the book, and see more pages by watching this Youtube video clip: 

Three Thank Yous a day for 365 days = 1,095 Powerful Life Changing Reasons to be Grateful!
Take The Thank You Challenge today!

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