Sunday, October 19, 2014

A Mystery

Today I am thankful for mystery -- all mystery, even the painful ones.
There is of course, the mystery abounding that makes us stand in awe, that lifts us high and pulls a willing thankful from our heart; a magnificent sunset, a bird in flight, the birth of a child; the wonder of tiny invisible creatures living in a world all their own, the list of amazing unexplainable joyful things of this earth is forever long.
But today, I am CHOOSING to be thankful for the mysteries of life that are frustrating, and sad, and that test my patience and test my faith.
You know the mysteries I am talking have lived them; perhaps you are walking through one of those miserable mysteries now.... the "why God, WHY?????" mysteries of life. Those times when life brings us unbearable disappointment that threatens to erase all sense of trust, all sense of justice; when loneliness overwhelms, and it seems that darkness will surely never end as you search desperately for a glimmer of light; a glimmer of hope.
Today, I choose to say "thank You" for those mysteries. I bring all of my questions, all of my fear, all of my anger, all of it and lay it down in a heap, and I exchange it for praise, for trust, for peace.
 I choose to be thankful because the weight of thanks is lighter than the weight of my questions
  •  I choose to grab hold of the promise of Love in spite of circumstances, in spite of the way I feel;
  • I choose to be thankful for the One who holds all mystery in His heart;
  • I choose to believe that "all things work together for my good" (Rom 8:28)
  • I choose to give thanks for the Light that will surely shine and engulf the darkness (I Cor 4:6)
  • I choose to hold on to the power of Hope and to let go of the intimidation of fear (I John 4:18)
  • I choose to be thankful that He will "make all things beautiful" (Ecc 3:11)
  • I choose to believe that the power of Love actually lives in my praises (Psalm 22:3), and that perfect Love conquers ALL! (I Cor 13)
Several songs come to mind as I write this -- I choose to let them fill my heart with the mystery of Him in order to drowned out the question "why?"; to let the truth of this music, the truth of this light become greater than the dark circumstances that threaten my peace
 As  you walk through this "why God, WHY???" mystery of life, my heart goes out to you.
There may be no human answers. But there is a God of Love who holds you, and your aching heart within His heart.
And here is a mystery from Him that holds the answer to your dilemma ---the mystery that praise and thanks open the doors for healing to come from pain; for beauty to come from the ugly; for life to emerge from death.
I pray that you will have strength to choose a thankful heart, and that from that thanks, from that praise you will begin to experience a peace that passes understanding, and that you will soon see the end to this night of yours and that joy will surely come in the morning!

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