Friday, January 15, 2016

I am Thankful for Finding Lost Things; and for the Power of Praise

It has been so long since I have entered into this blog, I had almost forgotten it was here!  I am thankful for a busy and exciting year! (I recently got back from speaking at a conference in Africa. But more about that later).

I am Thankful for Finding Lost Things; and for the Power of Praise:

A few years back I wrote a series of 114 articles for a group called Share Faith
It has been so long ago, I had forgotten about them.

I ran across one of those articles today, and it made me happy to do so

I scrolled down through the articles and experienced triggered memories, and reminded me of more reasons to be thankful:

  • The offer to write these articles came to me when I was just launching out into my writing career; I was unsure of how to go about it - a friend offered me this job (thankful for friends!)
  • I was in need of a paycheck -- this series of articles provided that paycheck (thankful for that!)
  •  I remembered how much work it took to put together so many articles in such a short period of time, but that I had so much fun doing so! (thankful for jobs that are more than a paycheck - jobs that are so much fun they almost don't seem like work)

  • I was struck with the fact that the words I was reading (today), some of them did not quite sound like me
          And then I recalled moments during the writing process, in which I would have great insight
          from beyond myself. At those moments I would be so excited to type away, not knowing for
          sure what would come off the tip of my fingers onto the paper.  (thankful for God-Inspired

The series of articles I am referring to was centered around the subjects of Music, Worship, and Old Hymns

I am a musician - it is a subject close to my heart - we all can appreciate the power and beauty and words, and notes, and rhythm, and melody, and harmony; the creativity of music! (I am thankful for music!)

I grew up singing the old hymns, and although I am more likely to be drawn to the more contemporary music now, I am drawn now and then back to the simplicity of the traditional (I am thankful for hymns that have stood the test of time)

Worship is a subject simple and yet very complex -- I am thankful for the opportunity to put on paper my thoughts on this incredibly important subject

Here is an excerpt from one, and the link to those articles:

The Power of Praise, by Connie Ruth Christiansen @
"God does not have a self-esteem problem. He does not need praise and worship to boost His ego. His desire for the attention of His creation is rooted in love. He commands praise and worship in order to benefit the worshipper.........."  see more at:

Thankful for You!

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