Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Happy Easter

I am thankful for New Life!

For baby bunnies being born, and green grass growing too tall, and tree limbs budding with promise of flowers and fruit,  the dark nights growing shorter the sunny days growing longer – new life!

One of the most beautiful Springtime events is the celebration of Easter.
For those of us who believe in the literal resurrection of Jesus, Easter is so much more than a day of symbolism and ritual. It is a celebration of Life Himself….it is a celebration of His gift of life in general, of the promise of life eternal, and of the power of His Love to transform the life we are living now… to bring meaning where there seems to be none, to change us from the inside out – to give new life!

Each year at this time I contemplate the depth of this truth – that a perfect, infinite God would choose this method to show His great Love to us – That Jesus would come to live on this earth, knowing that He was destined to die such a horrible death.

The cross, the tomb, the resurrection; complex concepts far beyond our comprehension.

To some it is foolishness to believe.
To others it is life to believe.
“That the Potter should die for His clay is a stupendous miracle.”
~ Lynn Landrum

 “Let me not fear the darkness now, since Life and Light break through Your tomb;
Teach me that doubts no more oppress, no more consume.
Show me that You are April Lord, and You the flowers and the grass;
Then when awake the soft spring winds, I will hear You pass.”
~ Charles Hanson Towne

May you be filled with the joy that is the knowledge of Him.
He Lives!
Happy Easter!

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  1. Connie: God's love for each of us must really be vast. Without His love, I couldn't begin to understand the reason He allowed Jesus to die such a horrible death. Praise God for His great love.