Saturday, March 17, 2012

One Tiny Bird -- A Powerful Force

I am thankful today for birds.
Birds make me happy.
Birds grant me insight into God, if I will let them.
Birds teach me about myself, if I am paying attention.

One tiny bird chirping, or the sound of many in chorus;
The grey and brown blending into the trees, and the vibrant that stand out extraordinary;
Geese fading in from the grey in a V, honking their warning of weather changes;
The Robin hopping about the yard, the winter ground is softening, yielding food for the babies that are growing within her overly-round belly;
The amazing tiny Chickadees and Sparrows who somehow survive and even thrive during the bitter-cold,
The hawk and the eagle flying high, circling, diving, strong, determined, free;
Chickens bobbing and clucking; Ostriches eyes staring; Cockatiel and Parrot speaking human words; Flamingos pink and white, dancing;
The colors, the sites, the sounds;
I am thankful for the beauty and the mystery that is the bird.

“I heard a bird at break of day sing from the autumn trees; A song so mystical and calm, so full of certainties. No man, I think, could listen long, except upon his knees. Yet this was but a simple bird, alone, among dead trees.”
~ William Alexander Percy

One tiny bird – a powerful force.
One tiny you – a powerful potential.

“Use what talents you possess. The woods would be very silent if no birds sang there except those that sang the best.”
~ Henry Van Dyke,

For those of you who wondered, and have asked where I have been, I apologize for my absence from this site lately
Sometimes life takes us on detours
we go where we must,
we take care of the necessary,
but we take the thankful with us

“Let us be like a bird for a moment perched on a frail branch while he sings. Though he feels it bend, yet he sings his song, knowing that he has wings.”
~ Victor Hugo,

Talk to you again soon,

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