Sunday, March 25, 2012

Peaceful Warrior

I am thankful today that God is on my side!
That He has given me tools to fight the battles of life
That He steps in when the battle is too much for me.

I had a dream. It spoke volumes to me. I trust is will speak to you also.

I was standing alone in a dark, dismal, lonely place. All around me I could see the outline of men in armor, with helmets and swords, in hand-to-hand combat with very dark sinister looking creatures.

There was evil all around me. The darkness and the evil grew stronger, blacker. And then it was overwhelming. I couldn’t breathe; I was suffocating. I tried to scream for help but I couldn’t make any sound, my voice would not come... I was going to die.

I looked up.

Far above me through the darkness was a sliver of bright light. The light expanded to create an opening in the black. Through the opening of bright I saw a most incredible and welcome site; and I heard a sound – the flutter of wings … Out from the light came a pure white dove!

My heart skipped a beat.   Jesus!    My Prince of Peace is coming!

I stood amidst the battling with my head up, waiting for Him to come. Waiting for Him to rescue me! Closer and closer He came. He was so beautiful, so gentle, His eyes so loving, His wings gliding Him gently to the place where I stood.

And then suddenly He changed! His beautiful dove eyes became dark and brooding, and began to flash in anger! He opened His beak and there were lion’s teeth!  His body was no longer soft, but it became as a deadly missile hurdling towards the earth, hurdling directly at me!

My heart broke. I could literally hear and feel my heart breaking as I looked into those angry eyes, those eyes that just moments before had been comforting … I prepared myself to die, at the hand of my Creator.

His lion roar shook the earth. His missile body hurled itself within inches of mine and I felt, not His anger but the soft touch of His wing, the soft touch of His love, as He passed over me, and somehow passed through me, to attack the evil that had been frightening me.

The war zone, the enemy had been His target. His anger was not directed at me but at the enemy tormenting me!

As He continued to roar, battling the black and the evil one for me, I awoke.
I was not destroyed, I was delivered.

My Prince of Peace, My Lion of Judah. My Savior! My Jesus!


May you be filled with peace at the knowledge that He is stronger than the blackest of evil.
And that His love for you compels Him to win!
~ Connie

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