Saturday, February 25, 2012

If I Knew Then What I Know Now

Today I am so thankful God is bigger
He is bigger than the dreams He put in my heart.
He is bigger than any reasons my dreams have not been realized
He is bigger than my failure and bigger than my fear of failure
He is bigger than my age, my circumstances, my finances, my past, my present
He is big enough to revive dead dreams

He is the giver and the fulfiller of dreams, if we will but let him.
“Delight yourself in the Lord and He will give you the desires of your heart”

As the idea for today’s blog came to my mind, I remembered a song I wrote
several years back…
It is better with sound of course, but the words stand powerful on their own.
Whatever your dream, whatever your present path, grab ahold of the words of this song –

©2008 Connie Ruth Christiansen
“If I knew then what I know now, I would find a way somehow to always follow truth never a lie.
I would revel in each moment, of every single day.
Not worry ‘bout the future, not worry what others say;

And when my heart would hear from the Vision-Giver,
I would follow without question, until the work was done in me.
I would live my dream. I would take that chance.
And when the music played, I would sing and dance;

People come, and people go, and they speak their minds to you.
But when all is said and done, You’re the only one,
To answer the question: “what will my legacy be?”
And you’re the only one who can see the vision He gave (to you); 

Listen to the wisdom of the years, never base decisions on your fears.
Keep your eyes on the goal, keep a close watch on your soul.
If you are young heed this advice: Never let the dream die.
And if the years have passed you by, and you think the time for dreaming is gone;

Hold on to this: Nothing is impossible. There may still be time for flying.
Keep on climbing to the top, to the edge, take a leap…
Find your wings!

When you hear the music play (again)
Begin to sing your song (again)
Dance your dance (again)
Live your dream, take that chance (again);

Revel in each moment, of every single day.
Don’t worry ‘bout the future, don’t worry what others say.
And when your heart hears, from the Vision-Giver,
Follow without question, until the work was done,
Let the music play,
Live your dream,
Dance your dance
Take that chance”
~ © 2008 Connie Ruth Christiansen

Until next time,
May we all be brave enough to live our lives the way God intended – abundantly!
Take just one step of faith and watch what He can do:
~ Connie

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