Monday, January 16, 2012

Choosing To Make A Thank You Difference

Day 4 -- Choosing To Make A Thank You Difference

Maybe it was because I had too much sugar yesterday, maybe it was because one of my cats woke me up every few hours during the night, just to say "hi,"  (actually "meow," but we know each other well, and I can interpret), maybe it was because I have WAY to much on my plate these days, or maybe "just because," today I woke up agitated and irritable; I woke up behind schedule; I woke up wishing I did not have to wake up...Ever have one of those days?

Before I left the house to run errands (emphasis on the "running"), I made a decision that the way I was feeling would not dictate my response to other people (especially my response to those anticipated obnoxious sales people that follow you around the store talking in way-too-loud, high-pitched tones, with fake-enthusiasm (where DO they learn that squeaky voice technique?!) I knew for sure I would encounter at least one of them today, because I always encounter them when I'm having a bad day)

I made a decision to check my attitude (attitude is a choice, not a feeling, I always tell my kids, and my students, and myself) and to check my "thank You" barometer.

Each squeaky-voice person I encountered (and sure enough there were several) I forced myself to smile graciously, to look them in the eye, with kindness in my voice and to say "thank you" for their help (help which I did NOT ask for!).

Did my choice make a difference? Actually, yes it did! It made a difference within me -- It always makes a difference when someone smiles genuinely at me -- I received quite a few big genuine smiles from sales people and other shoppers, in response to my (forced) smiles and forced "thanks yous."  And it made a difference for at least one of those squeaky-voiced sales people. She seemd especially obnoxious to me and it took everything within me to make the best choices. As I forced myself to be kind, and to say "thank you," I watched her body language change from stiff to relaxed... I listened to the tone quality of her voice change from irritating to "normal"  and I watched a beautiful, genuine smile light up her face. And I walked away from that particular situation, actually feeling like smiling (instead of the forced smile-by-choice I had started with).

We can make a positive, proliferative difference by choosing "thank you!"

How far that little candle throws his beams! So shines a good deed in a naughty world.
~William Shakespeare

"The only people with whom you should try to get even are those who have helped you." 
~John E. Southard

Back to my book journey tomorrow... well actually, I'm not sure what we will talk about tomorrow...  whatever "thank you" things are on my heart and mind, I suppose... maybe more about the book journey, maybe not (eventually yes, tomorrow, I dunno)...Hope that's ok with you (smile).


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