Friday, January 13, 2012

This Is My First Blog...Thank You For Checking In

Hi! :o)  This is my first experience as a blogger...  I don't really know how it works, or what to expect, but here goes...

The Power of a Thankful Heart! What does that mean to you?
 My hopes for this blog (and again, I have no idea what to expect), is threefold:
1) To share bits and pieces of my heart with you regarding my  3- year journey of "thank you" -- It took me 2 years to write a new "thank you" book, and before that I spent a year "doing" what my new book challenges you to do.
2) To share thoughts with you from readers of my new book (Thank You 1095 - Take The Thank You Challenge!)
3) To hear from you -- To give you a chance to share your "thank you" stories, and to ask your "thank you" questions (is that how this works? Can we talk back and forth on this thing?)

If you are curious about the new book, you can go to to check it out.

Or, go to youtube and watch a clip about the book:

Ok, so now I'm pushing the "post it" button.... wonder what will happen next in this blog world?


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