Friday, January 20, 2012

Someone Should Write a Book!

Day 6 -- What if I had never decided to be that someone?

How the 'Take The Thank You Challenge!' book came to be... continued from day 2 of this blog.

As my year long thank you journey progressed, and when I would have difficulty thinking of a new "Thank You" to add to my list, I would often think Someone should write a book! I thought about it quite often, but for some reason I never considered being the someone.

Several years later, I had taken a leave from teaching and was having some success as a writer. One day I was searching through a pile of books when I ran across my Thank You journal. I stopped what I was doing, sat down and flipped through the pages -- it made me happy. And again I thought Someone should write a book! And then for the first time, I asked myself a very important question: Why don't I be that someone?!

And so I began to be that someone. I had no specific plan, no outline, no perfect picture of the end result, I just started writing. And I started researching what other people might have to say about being thankful. And I was delighted and a bit surprised to find documentation of so many moving, and funny and motivating quotations, poems, speeches and short stories from some very wise people. I began compiling a collection of this wisdom, and adding thoughts of my own here and there.

Slowly over a period of two years, the book began to take shape. And so did the picture of the end result -- the purpose of the book. It would be more than a source of thank you motivation; It would be a challenge! A thank you challenge!

What if I had continued to think Someone should write a book. What if I had never decided to be that Someone...?

What if the idea in your heart is only in your heart, and nowhere else? What if you are that someone!?

"A limit on what you will do puts a limit on what you can do. Other than that, all things are possible."
~ Author Unknown

"To accept and to live who God created you to be, is gratitude."
~Connie Ruth Christiansen

Talk to you tomorrow! :o)

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