Sunday, January 15, 2012

Making Each "Thank You" Count

Day 3 - Making Each "Thank You" Count

As my year long Thank You journey continued, and the number of entries entered the 100's++, it became more of a challenge each day to think of something new to post. Having recorded all the "obvious" things to be thankful for in the first few days, and then adding those things I too often neglect to be thankful for over the next few weeks and months, what was left? I sometimes found myself writing down "any-ol'-thing," just to fill up space on the page.

This is not satisfying! ...  I want to record "meaningful" rather than just random thanks?  I thought. Not that there is anything wrong with random thanks or thoughts, but I wanted the entries to come from the heart, not just the head. 

I started looking for inspiration beyond the obvious. I wonder if there's a book somewhere that specifically inspires to a list of "Thank You," I mused. I did some research and found many books about being thankful. I flipped through them and found ideas here and there that triggered an idea for my year-long list. And I found sites on the internet that were geared to thanksgiving. -- some great quotes and stories that pulled my thoughts in certain directions and gave me new "thank you" ideas. As I researched, I couldn't find exactly what I was looking for -- I wasn't sure exactly what I was looking for, but I knew I hadn't quite found it.

I continued to find inspiration wherever I could, and continued to record my thanks, and continued to benefit from the heart insight that resulted from the daily recording of thanks... Time went by, I finished my year long challenge. I closed the book with a smile; with a sense of great satisfaction!!
I set the pretty little book aside, in a place where it would always be at hand to pull out now and again, to examine the contents, to remind myself of thanks.

It would be quite a long time before my personal year long challenge became the book I have on the market today... more about that in a later blog.

In the meantime, I've listed some "Thank You" thoughts below for you to ponder:

Talk to you tomorrow 

"If you have lived, take thankfully the past." 
~John Dryden

"Have you crossed over stormy waters to get to where you are? Be thankful for the Bridge that appeared to carry you over from there to here. Be thankful that you survived; that you can leave  those stormy waters behind, and that you have the opportunity, the privilege to move on to the next challenge."
~ Connie Ruth Christiansen

If you haven't done so yet, consider taking  the year long Thank You Challenge:
go to and order your book today. It will be a very satisfying journey!

Learn more about the book on Youtube:

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